[College wise] Seats Available in IIT’s for B.Tech admission in 2013

IIT is the first choice for every Engineering aspirant. In India a total of 17 IIT’s (including ISM Dhanbad) are available for getting admission into various B.Tech courses. A total of 9647 seats are available for IIT aspirants which is distributed on the basis of candidates performance in Joint Entrance Examinations.

Below is a detailed table explaining how many seats are available at each of the IIT.

Available B.Tech seats in IIT (2013)

Name of IIT
Total Seats
IIT BHU (Varanasi) 1057
IIT Bhubaneshwar 120
IIT Bombay 880
IIT Delhi 851
IIT Gandhinagar 120
IIT Guwahati 640
IIT Hydrabad 140
IIT Indore 120
IIT Kanpur 827
IIT Kharagpur 1370
IIT Madras 838
IIT Mandi 120
IIT Patna 120
IIT Rajasthan 160
IIT Rurkee 1155
IIT Ropar 120
ISM Dhanbad 1034
Total 9647 Seats

 These seat are distributed on the basis of the marks gained by candidates in Joint Entrance Exams & also on their desire.

IIT Kharagpur has the maximum seats, a total of 1370 seats are available for B. Tech admission. With 1155 seats, IIT Rurkee is on second place. IIT BHU has 1057 seats.

Similarly, SIM Dhanbad is having 1034 seats, IIT Bombay or IITB has 880 seats & IITD or IIT Delhi is having a total of 851 available seats for Engineering aspirants.

IIT Madras or IIT Chennai is having 838 seats. Other newly established institutes are having 120 to 160 seats as they are new & according to the official statement, the number of available seats will be increased in all these colleges.

In upcoming years, the number of IIT colleges will also increase resulting an increase in the seats available for admission in IIT as an engineering aspirant.

For students appearing in JEE 2013 exams, the total seats are 9647 in all IITs. So we wish you all the best to secure a good rank in JEE Main as well as JEE Advanced 2013.

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Total Available Seats in IIT’s of India

Indian Institute of Technology is a leading place & dream place for all student aspiring for Undergraduate programs. Today, A total of 17 IIT’s are there for all the candidates wishing to get admission there.

You need to crack JEE exams with a required rank in order to get selected for the admission into IIT’s. CBSE has the responsibility to conduct Join Entrance examination. Depending upon the rank you secure, CBSE allots you an IIT with a course.

Available Seats in IIT’s

This year (2013), the total of 9647 seats are available in IITs of India, hence if you want to get admission in any of the IIT’s of India, you must have to secure a rank of under top 9647 students.

seats in iit

Source: Wikipedia

In 2003, a total of 9 IITs were there & total seats were 4583  but later in 2007 the number of IIT’s were same but the seats were increased because of the introduction of new courses & extension in batches & thus a total of 5537 seats were available to get admission in Indian Institute of Technology.

In 2008, IIT Patna, IIT Ropar, IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Rjasthan & IIT Bhubaneshwar were established & opened as IIT & total number of seats became 6992.

In 2009, total intake was 8295 because of the opening of IIT Mandi & IIT Indore. In later years the number of seats & courses were increased keeping the number of IITs same & finally in 2012, the total intake of 9647 was recorded.

How seats of IIT were distributed last year (2012)

seats in iit

The above snapshot illustrates How seats were distributed last year to all the qualified candidates. A total of 9647 seats were available for the admission into IIT’s & this year, no change have been reported hence if you want to get admission into any of the 14 IIT, you must have to secure a rank of under 9647 in JEE Advanced exam 2013.

But you need to crack JEE Main 2013 exam before you can participate in JEE advanced. If you have given JEE main 2013 exam then you should wait for the results of jee main that will be declared on 7th May 2013.

You can check your IIT JEE Main exam result here on 7th may 2013

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